Feature: Sweet Connections | 2020 Summer Quarterly

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ruth dunnicliff.jpganna article.jpgPen Pals are Made

While calling families and checking in with many of our elders, sweet connections were made. While visiting with FLC member Emily B., we learned that her 8-year-old daughter Anna was missing connections with her friends. Emily had the great idea to have Anna do some old-fashioned letter writing to someone who might appreciate a new pen pal. We asked Emily if Anna would be interested in writing to some of our elderly members who were either living alone and/or living in a nursing home and confined to their rooms. The answer from both Emily and Anna was, “Yes!”

> Right: Eight-year-old Anna writing to her new pen pal Ione.
> Far Right: Ruth D. holding her letter also from Anna.

Connecting Conversations

The staff, council, and members of First Lutheran have been reaching out to people to let them know they are in our thoughts and prayers.
Many have responded with such grace and gratitude. Here are some of the notes received:

"We so appreciate you calling to check on us. We are doing well. Hans and I are working from home and the boys are enjoying it so far too! We are getting lots of family time ! We don’t need anything at this time. We always welcome prayers of course. Thanks again!” - JoDee

"We are doing well and appreciate the check in. Our prayers are probably the same as others—to stay healthy and for the virus to stop spreading. Thanks again for reaching out!” - Bridgette

"It is so nice of you guys to check up on us, we appreciate it so much. We are all good here and fingers crossed all healthy other than allergies. We don’t need anything right now but thank you for asking. Blessing to you and prayers of health and safety. If you need anything...toilet paper, etc., I’m here for ya!” - Lacey

"Thank you for taking time to reach out to me/my family. We are doing well. Kara and I are plugging away as teachers trying to build something from nothing and have it ready by Monday. Kids are doing well. Thank you again for reaching out.” - Casey

"…thank you for thinking of us and reaching out. We appreciate it! Things are going pretty good for the most part, just hoping and praying we all stay healthy. Praying especially for those most vulnerable to this including all of my patients and all those working on the frontlines, especially where there is lack of personal protective equipment for first responders and healthcare workers. Trying to trust in Him through all of this. Hope you and your family are staying well and healthy!! About to tune in to our virtual worship service... after Nora “taught” our Sunday school lesson at home today, it was pretty sweet.” - Allison  

Seniors Experience Zoom & Video-Chat

seniors chat.jpgThis pandemic has left our elderly in nursing homes very isolated. Families and friends can no longer visit on-site and residents are not able to leave their rooms.

Gratefully, God has provided caring people, like Becky Butenhoff (FLC member and Life Enrichment staff at Sheyenne Crossing Eventide), and technology to help keep us connected. Becky helped arrange a surprise “visit” for one of the residents at Sheyenne Crossings.  

If you or a loved one would like a Zoom or video chat with a Pastor, call the church office 701.235.7389.

> Pictured: Shelly Erickson and Pastor Corey Bjertness surprise Ione Swanstrom with a Zoom video chat in late April. Who says seniors and computers don’t mix? Ninety-seven-year-old people can Zoom! 

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